Make the Move to a Multi-Spindle

There's a better way to make parts historically produced on rotary transfer machines.

For many years, rotary transfer machines offered the most economical way to produce extremely large quantities of small parts. Developments over the past decade have eroded their advantage.

  • Trend towards smaller lot sizes to minimize inventory and accommodate greater product customization
  • More frequent updates to part design
  • Advancements in other machine tool technologies

That last point is where INDEX comes in. Our MS Series of CNC multi-spindle lathes feature everything you need to produce large quantities of single parts, large quantities spread across similar-but-varied part families and even smaller lot sizes. That flexibility may be the most obvious advantage over rotary transfer machines, but it is far from the only one.

  • Much easier for modern CNC machinists to operate, maintain and optimize
  • Significantly smaller footprint to maximize output per square foot
  • Cleaner, easier and more worker-friendly chip disposal


Whether you've started to have problems with your rotary transfer machine, or are just gathering data to compare to your current results, we would love to help. Use the form below to start a conversation with your local INDEX representative.